1 Day: Loving the Water: Boating and Snorkeling Excursion


Isla Lobos  – snorkel with engaging sea lion mothers and pups, marine iguanas, frigatebirds, boobies and lush sea life.

Kicker Rock – enjoy this captivating and iconic Galapagos landmark, excellent location for photography and home to boobies, gulls, frigate birds and endemic Galapagos marine iguanas; snorkel with sea lions and many beautiful species of fish, as well as sharks, sea turtles and rays.


Puerto Grande – relax on this beautiful beach on San Cristobal island, take advantage of photographic opportunities, a late-afternoon swim and a gorgeous Galapagos sunset.

Av. 12 de Febrero y Av. J Roldo • San Cristobal Island • Call 593 052 520 124 for Reservations