Ecotourism and Sustainability

Galapagos Eco Friendly is our endeavor to create a hotel that focuses on preservation, conservation and responsible travel. This means to me that we have a twofold responsibility to you. There are two pillars to responsible ecotourism: cultural and environmental.

First, we have the responsibility of providing you with a place to stay where you will be able to taste and appreciate our local culture and heritage, while sacrificing nothing of comfort or service. Our rooms are filled with locally made furnishings, respect the design décor of Galapagos and are decorated with photographs that I have taken on my personal journeys throughout the islands. Each morning my wife Lucrecia will serve you a hearty breakfast in our dining room at the top of the hill overlooking the harbor at Puerto Baquerizo Moreno and the Pacific Ocean. She will include local delicacies and locally-grown produce. Even our coffee comes from a coffee plantation on San Cristobal Island.

Second, we must make your experience here one that will enhance your lives and provide you with opportunities for lasting memories and a new lively appreciation for the Galapagos Land and Marine Reserves. This is the land where Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution and survival of the fittest evolved. We will help you plan your days so that you can be immersed in a natural environment that evokes and preserves our vital and important natural history.

Av. 12 de Febrero y Av. J Roldo • San Cristobal Island • Call 593 052 520 124 for Reservations