Galapagos Eco Friendly Green Practices

General Practices

    • We track all energy use and regularly measure and record our energy use.
    • We encourage all guests to participate in our towel reuse program
    • We encourage all guests to participate in our linen reuse program
    • Our housekeeping staff is completely trained and regularly informed about all green practices
    • We recycle all waste in accordance with the strict standards of the Galapagos National Park Service and Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism; this includes all types of waste (paper, glass, plastic and cardboard); our recycling bins are located in common areas
    • We provide persistent staff training on green practices on at least a semi-annual basis and every time there are new regulations or additions to the hotel
    • Instructional pamphlets on our green practices and expectations are available in every guest room
    • We advocate our green practices and highlight them in all of our publications making ecotourism and conservation of the environment a priority


    • We use energy efficient lightbulbs include compact fluorescent (CFL), LED, and T5/T8 fluorescent bulbs both inside and outside
    • We use energy efficient guest room appliances
    • All air conditioning are inversion types with temperature set to save energy; guests turn off room air conditioners any time they leave and indoor temperature is set at a minimum of 22 C
    • We actively follow our preventative maintenance plan, which includes making regular checks to ensure energy and water equipment is working efficiently
    • Energy-saving lighting controls are installed in public areas with sensors that automatically turn off lights when they’re not needed
    • We use 60% wind power from turbines on San Cristobal Island; more turbines are being installed and this percentage will increase once the project is completed
    • We use solar panels for some of our energy needs, particularly in the garden and outside areas of the hotel


    • All guest bathrooms have water-efficient faucets and all of our guest room faucets use 6 liters per minute or less
    • Guest bathrooms are equipped with water efficient shower heads and all of theshowerheads use 6 liters per minute or less
    • Only water-efficient toilets are installed throughout the property and all of our guest room toilets use 4.5 liters per flush or less
    • We use alternative water sources for watering gardens including captured rainwater and condensation


    • Only biodegradable and natural toiletries are used throughout the hotel; this includes packaging
    • Our products including produce, coffee, and building materials are locally produced
    • Our cleaning staff uses only “Green” certified cleaning products
    • We are phasing out all individual soap and shampoo dispensers and replacing them with refillable toiletries dispensers
    • Even our food is locally purveyed

Site Gardens and Grounds

    • Only endemic and indigenous plants are used in our gardens
    • Plants are those that require very little water for growth
    • Our paving is designed allow water to be absorbed into the ground and recycled rather than flooding
    • Our gardens are natural and we use no chemicals or preservatives; landscaping is maintained without use of herbicides, pesticides, and other chemicals

Building Materials

    • Much of the hotel was built using recycled materials for insulation
    • Building materials are largely locally grown and produced
    • We have solar panels for some of our energy needs and recycle rainwater for irrigation

Education & Innovation

    • We share our knowledge of the Galapagos Islands with all of our guests and teach them about our environment and what is necessary for preservation, habitat maintenance and conservation
    • We provide guests with free bicycle rental
    • We have an on-site resources library
    • We participate in initiatives related to local conservation or biodiversity
    • We comply with zoning requirements and laws related to protected areas and heritage
    • We give all of our guests an opportunity to provide us with feedback on green practices

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