Galapagos Eco Friendly: the Quintessential Ecotourism Destination

Galapagos Eco Friendly promotes and advocates ethical ecotourism, meaning we encourage visitation to our fragile and undisturbed natural areas in a manner that allows minimal environmental impact. We want to contribute to the education and experience of our guests, introduce them to our land and culture and enhance their overall visit to Galapagos. We want out guests to feel that their lives have been enriched and to have a renewed commitment to the environment. Galapagos Eco Friendly is a destination that in all manners supports sustainability and preservation of our environment and on our entire planet.

Our philosophical foundation unites conservation, communities, and sustainable travel. We minimize environmental impact, build ecological and cultural awareness and respect, provide positive experiences for our visitors and raise sensitivity to the political, environmental, and social climate of the Galapagos Islands and Ecuador.

We are a unique operation in that we are family-owned and operated. The hotel is located within the secure and secluded grounds that include our own home. While ecotravel is for many a new and trending idea, for us it is not. As Galapaguaños, we have been committed to sustainable travel and environmental awareness all of our lives. Galapagos Eco Friendly is a logical extension of our personal and deeply ingrained concern for the environment; we hope to pass this devotion on to Galapagos visitors and future generations. We share all of our experience, amenities, knowledge and passion for Galapagos with our guests.

Av. 12 de Febrero y Av. J Roldo • San Cristobal Island • Call 593 052 520 124 for Reservations