How do I get to the Galapagos Islands?

You will travel by plane to continental Ecuador, either to Quayaquil or Quito. Guayaquil’s (GYE) airport receives flights from U.S. cities of Miami and New York, European cities of Amsterdam and Madrid, and major cities of Central and South America. Quito’s (UIO) airport receives flights from the U.S. via Atlanta, Houston, Miami, and New York; from Europe via Madrid and Amsterdam; and from many major cities in Central and Southern America.

There is a lot to do on the mainland in Ecuador before or after your Galapagos Island trip so you may want to plan your travel plans accordingly. Often, your cruise travel agent will have a hotel in mind for you; check that before making a separate hotel reservation. In early 2013, Quito opened a new airport. The old airport was right next to the city. Now there is a drive from the airport into the city if you have plans to go sight seeing there. If your hotel is in the city, make sure to leave plenty of time to return to the airport for your flight to the Islands. The traffic can be problematic.

If you are going on a boat trip, your tours generally will start on Saturday or Sunday (although recent changes allow mid-week itineraries as well). Of course, you might not be taking a boat trip at all or you might want to combine your cruise with some time in a hotel. At Galapagos Eco Friendly we will help you plan your day trips, customized to your special wants and desires.

There are daily early morning flights directly to the Galapagos Islands, either Baltra or Puerto Baquerizo Moreno on San Cristobal. Where you land will be determined by your Galapagos Island trip itinerary. TAME, AEROGAL and LAN airlines operate these routes. Flights from Quito usually stop in Guayaquil on their way to the islands.

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