Kicker Rock

There is no more stunning and majestic site in the Galapagos Islands than Kicker Rock. Whether you visit for an unforgettable sunset, to see the bird-life on the towering monoliths, to snorkel or to scuba dive, Kicker Rock will impress and enchant you. As your boat nears the two towers jutting up from the ocean floor, you will be captivated by this site of an old volcanic eruption now eroded by tens of thousands of years of wind and waves. The marine life here includes spotted eagle rays, harlequin wrasse, Galapagos sharks, hammerhead sharks, as well as schools of rainbow runners, yellow-tail grunts and other brightly-coloured tropical fish. You might even see a penguin or a rare and wonderful Galapagos green sea turtle swimming by.

kicker rock

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