Tortoise Reserve

While all of the Galapagos Islands is dedicated to conservancy and maintaining the tenuous ecological balance discovered by Charles Darwin, nowhere is this more true than the Island of San Cristóbal itself. It a forerunner in the quest for renewable energy, as at least 60 percent of its energy already is generated by wind and solar power. Moreover, in conjunction with the Charles Darwin Research Center, it is determined to see that the once-dwindling population of indigenous Galapagos tortoises thrives again. To that end, San Cristóbal boasts a remarkable and impressive controlled breeding center for the endemic Galapagos Giant Tortoise population. Observe these gentle reminders of the past and hope for the future wander through their environment searching for shade and leafy greens, as you photograph and preserve your own precious memories. Those adventurous visitors who hike to Galapaguera will experience the giant tortoises in the preserve mirroring their natural habitat. Not only the Giant Tortoises, but also other endemic species can be seen on this hike, including lava lizards, geckos and mockingbirds.Tortoise Reserve

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