What’s the weather in the Galapagos Islands?

You may experience vastly different climates during your visit. While we are located on the equator, often it is not as hot as you might expect it to be. Sometimes the temperatures are unpredictable. In the higher altitudes on the mainland, particularly Quito, it may be 50º F.  At the same time, it may be 100º F in the Galapagos Islands. Plan for both extremes. It is coldest with the heaviest seas in the summer months of June, July and August.  It is warmest with the calmest seas in January, February and March. This is all due to the currents that run throughout the Pacific Ocean. To learn about the currents and how they effect our weather read our Publication, Nature Interpreter on Medium.com.

Here in the Galapagos we have basically two seasons. It is dry and cool (never cold) from June through November, with a constant mist called “garua.” In this period, the average outdoor temperature ranges from 70-75 degrees, with July tending to be the warmest month. The average water temperature in this period ranges from 70 to 73.

It is more warm and humid from December through May. In these months, the average outdoor temperature ranges from 74 in December to 83 degrees in March and April. The average water temperature in these months ranges from 74 to 77 degrees.

During the cooler season, the Pacific Ocean is cooler as well, but at any season the Galapagos Marine Reserve is bustling with activity. Both are excellent times to visit because the plant, animal and marine life all change with the seasons. Many visitors travel to Galapagos more than once so that they can experience the seasonal changes themselves.

Temperature Variations

Cooler Temperature; Mistier Weather; Calmer Seas
June July Aug Sept Oct Nov



72 75 70 70 71 73
Average Water Temperature 73 71 70 71 72 73


Warmer Temperature; Drier Weather; Rougher Seas
Dec Jan Feb March April May



74 77 78 83 83 77
Average Water Temperature 74 76 77 77 77 76


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